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The Springtime Scoop

The Avenue Pub is starting a fun Monday night series called “Fancy Glass Mondays.” It’s sponsored by Duvel and their line of, well, Fancy Glasses. On April 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30, patrons of the Balcony will have the opportunity to get a card to track three Duvel purchases throughout that week. If you drink 3, you get a glass!  Cards and glasses are only available on Monday nights on the Balcony. May’s fancy glasses will include Triple Karmelite Fleur de Lis goblets and Kwak Quarto glasses.

Crescent City Homebrewers will be holding their annual meeting this Wednesday at the temporary Deutsches Haus digs in Old Metairie at 1023 Ridgewood Drive. They will also be having a couple brew days this month, so if you’re interested, stop by on Wednesday or contact the club at cchhopline@aol.com.

NOLA Brewing Easter Keg Hunt is coming up on Saturday! The scavenger hunt will take place in the Warehouse District this year on Saturday April 7th and the registration begins at noon at the Howlin’ Wolf Den. Participants will scavenge the Warehouse District for clues in order to find the final destination where there will be live music and of course FREE BEER! You can register your team online before the event for $12 per person or register your team the day of the event for $15 per person. SPACE IS LIMITED so sign up and secure your spot! All proceeds from this years Easter Keg Hunt will go towards the Gulf Restoration Networks ongoing work to restore our beloved Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf Restoration Network is committed to uniting and empowering people to protect and restore the natural resources of the Gulf Region. Teams will consist of 2-6 people per team and there will be awards given for best team name, team costume, individual costume. We encourage every one to dress up and come ready to a great day of fun, music, and beer! You can find info and rules about the Easter Keg Hunt by clicking here…You can also register your team by clicking here.

Don’t forget, April 7 is also Session Beer Day! I plan on celebrating by drinking many NOLA Brown Ales, New Orleans’ locally made and available session beer.

On April 18, The Avenue Pub will be hosting a tasting of Sam Adams Small Batch beers, which look to be different than anything SA has ever done before.  The very small batch Sam Adams specialties don’t normally make it to Louisiana but have agreed to send a few for this event. Several folks from Sam Adams will be with us to chat about their beers and share some of the Sam Adams history. Check it:

  • Norse Legend Sahti, an primitive and ancient beer style from Finland that employs some wild yeast and little to no hops.
  • Cinder Block Rauchbier, smoked German bock beer
  • Griffins Bow oaked blonde Barley wine

The Bugs & Brew 2012 fundraiser to benefit the Drue Rodrigue Foundation will be held on April 21, and a lot of local breweries will be participating.  The event is free to enter, and a plate of crawfish will set you back $5 and a glass of local beer will be $3!  Eat and drink for a good cause – you know you’ll be doing it anyway. It’ll be at the field behind Jesuit High School in New Orleans, at the intersection of Banks St. and S. Solomon St.  Check out their website for more details, including info on the VIP pass which will enable pass holders to sample beer that isn’t for sale.

And keep the week of May 16-20 free for American Craft Beer Week! That’s always a good time.

OK, over and out- feel free to let us know about other beer happenings this month by posting on our Facebook page or commenting below. Drink safely and deliciously!

-The NOLA Beer Bitch


NOLA Brewing Easter Keg Hunt

Besides Session Beer Day, April 7 is also the day of the Annual NOLA Brewing Easter Keg Hunt! It’s a scavenger hunt, this year through the CBD, and teams that find their way through the clues will be rewarded with an afternoon of drinking delicious NOLA beer at a secret location.

Plus, all registration fees go to benefit the Gulf Restoration Network to support its ongoing fight for the Gulf’s people, places, and wildlife as we continue to recover from the devastating impacts of the BP oil disaster.

Register today!

New Orleans International Beer Fest! (and other goings-on)

So this weekend is the inaugural New Orleans International Beer Fest, being held at Champions Square from 2-6pm on Saturday.  The most intriguing aspect of it for me is the Cask Beer Garden!  I don’t know how many cask ales they will have going, but I hope it is a crazy success and leads to beer leadership in the area to think about how to do a Cask/Real Ale Festival a la NERAX.

You may also be interested in hearing the Beer Buddha’s general philosophy on beer festival structures here.

Tonight, the Avenue Pub will be tapping a cask of Lazy Magnolia’s Southern Hops-itality, their first IPA. I am looking forward to trying it.

Also, mark your calendars, April 7 has been dubbed Session Beer Day, to celebrate the fine ales and lagers brewed with an ABV of under 4.5%. Follow the Beer Bitch for discussions over the next two weeks about this radical concept and where one can find session beers in New Orleans.

If you love pork as much as beer, tomorrow also brings us the NOLA-Brewing sponsored Hogs For The Cause in City Park. It’s a pork-centric festival with food, beer, music, and good times, all for a good cause- to support pediatric brain cancer outreach services. Local restaurateurs and enthusiastic amateurs will be competing in several porky categories for glory.

Whatever your plans, have a wonderful weekend! Drink wisely and well.

Swedish Beer Roundup


First things first:  BIG UPS to The Avenue Pub- owner Polly Watts and her amazing staff – Stene Isacsson, owner of Akkurat Bar & Restaurant in Stockholm, and Shelton Brothers Distributors for all their hard work to bring this event to not only New Orleans but to Louisiana, the South, the US. Nothing like this anywhere else in the country- this was totally a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am grateful to everyone’s role in making it happen.

On Tuesday, the Avenue put on the Oppigårds Golden Ale and I gave that a try- a very pleasant, slightly hoppy, balanced, and drinkable beer. Delicious!

I couldn’t make the Wednesday night tasting, but I did go back on Friday night and enjoyed several of the Swedish offerings, both upstairs and downstairs.  The Balcony also had Cantillon Mamouche on draft as a special keg for a special weekend.  Downstairs had a Jolly Pumpkin Maricaibo Especiale to enjoy.

I started with the Närke Slättöl, an American style pale ale.  I wanted to start light and move through the spectrum.  The Slättöl definitely qualified, it was probably the cleanest and lightest beer I had over the weekend. I enjoyed it, especially since it was my first beer after biking over. Next I tried the Oppigårds Amarillo Spring Ale which was probably one of my favorite beers of the Swedish offerings (though that’s a tough call, since –SPOILER ALERT!– they were all really good.) Great hop-forward aroma and taste, and it was definitely delicately hopped- not too bitter, but the hop presence was there. Anchored in a subtle maltiness with spicy notes.  Really complex  and, more importantly, delicious.  I followed it up with Nils Oscar Hop Yard IPA, which was darker and maltier than the Amarillo Spring Ale. Had a surprisingly high ABV as well, at 7.3%. I liked it, but it definitely suffered by comparison to the Amarillo Spring.  But it was beautifully balanced, dry finish; a very well brewed ale.

I moved upstairs and tried the three Swedish beers on draft up there (along with a Cantillon Mamouche; OK, two): the Nynäshamns Bedarö Bitter, which I could have drunk all night quite happily; Nynäshamns Sotholmen Extra Stout, which I bought at the same time as the bitter, and let sit out to warm a bit; and Oppigårds Single Hop Ale, a nice contrast to the dark and complex stout, as it was light and quaffable. I then went downstairs and enjoyed a Jolly Pumpkin and a Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA. Damn, that was a delicious night.

Deliciousness continued on Saturday! I arrived at around 11am to get on the list to go upstairs with the first group of ticket holders. While waiting in the downstairs bar, I tried the Närke InternationAle, which was well made, balanced, and very nice to drink; the Nynäshamns Tjockhult Tjinook, a Chinook hopped lager, pretty subtle- not the most exciting beer, but a good solid effort all the same; and the Nils Oscar Kalasöl, a truly special beer in the Oktoberfest style with German malts and a variety of international hops. Really different from the other Swedish beers I’d tried up to that point. A great drinking. beautifully amber ruby red beer.

We were sent upstairs shortly after I ordered my Kalasöl, so I brought it up with me and enjoyed it out on the balcony. It was an absolutely glorious day, as well. Just perfect for drinking great beers with fellow beer geeks and enjoying one of the most gorgeous, sunny, and mild January days this native New Englander has ever experienced. While waiting for the two “special” beers to be available at 3pm (the Närke Konjaks Stormaktsporter 2010 and the Nynäshamns Bötet Barley Wine) I tried some more distinctively Scandinavian beers: the Nils Oscar Julöl, a Christmas ale/wee heavy and surprisingly drinkable on an 80 degree day, and the Närke Tanngnjnost & Tanngrisnir, which was based on a traditional style called a Goittlsandricka. Very smokey in taste and aroma. Tasting notes mentioned juniper berry, but I didn’t catch those notes (it may be something new and unfamiliar to my palate, in beer). It took a couple sips to get used to, and I don’t think I could drink more than 6 ounces. but I was glad I tried it.

Then it was time, time to try the famous and fabled Stormaktsporter. It’s an imperial stout that has only been brewed once.  Supplies are limited, and Polly’s Swedish counterpart basically sacrificed one of his (very few) kegs to send it over to her.  It was intoxicating to the senses, deep, dark, ephemeral, smooth drinking, flavorful, hella complex, a dream to drink. So honored to drink this. (I even ponied up $11 later for another 6 ounces of it.) The other special beer was the Bötet Barley Wine, which is probably the best barleywine I’ve ever had. Smooth drinking, not hot at all, complex in flavor, just sooooooo delicious.

I just didn’t want the happiness to end. It was such good beer, with good folks, on a great day, and a fantastic vibe. It was beautifully organized and executed, and again, my thanks go out to all who had a hand in this event. You made many people very happy.

The Kindness of Swedish Strangers

So, I’ve been waiting until the craziness of the holidays died down to announce this, because I didn’t want to risk it being lost in the shuffle.

In April of last year Polly Watts, owner of the Avenue Pub,  met the owner of a very famous beer bar in Sweden. Stene loves New Orleans and wanted to throw a Mardi Gras party at his bar in Stockholm. Working with Shelton Bros they figured out a way to ship kegs of Abita and NOLA to Sweden. The idea was that they would be filled with Swedish beer and then returned to the Pub. Those kegs are on their way back to New Orleans now.


Several of the beers being sent over have never been in the US before and there is little chance they will return- including Stormskaporter, which is surely one of the most coveted imperial stouts in the world. It’s made in tiny batches and only available in a few places in Sweden.  Stene basically sent over one of his allocated kegs. An extraordinary gift.

Here’s the list of beers along with the tasting notes that Polly sent out.  This is sure to be an AMAZING event and you definitely won’t want to miss it. Since there will be such a high concentration of beer industry insiders and hardcore beer geeks, Polly will be also be tapping some non-Swedish but equally special and rare beers as well, such as Cantillon Mamouche.

THE SWEDISH BEERS (hold on to your hats!)

Oppigårds Amarillo (5.9%)
Big hop aromatic aroma with hints of fruit, flowers, spices, pine needles and sweet toffee. Taste is fruits, malt and hops with a slightly sweet raisin / caramel tone in the background and a nice bitter finish. Very tasty!

Oppigårds Golden Ale (5.2%) 
Blonde ale-Pours clear golden with a huge frothy white head. Aroma of floral and fruity hops, grainy. Taste is moderate sweet malty, good balanced with enough hops,fruity and dry. Medium bodied

Oppigårds Single Hop Ale (4.8%)
Single hopped blonde ale- dry hopped with Styrian Goldings. Aroma is hay, citrus, herbs. Taste is very bitter, medium sweetness. Quenching and light.

Nynäshamns Bedarö Bitter (4.5%)
English bitter-Light coppery golden body, small white head. Nose is caramel and dusty hops with hints of apricot and tart gooseberries in the back. Taste is mellow grass, some spicy notes, hints of licorice root and pepper. All in all a very original beer that has character without imposing too much on a delicate style invocation of the classic English ESB.

Nynäshamns Mysingen Midvinterbrygd (6%)
Old ale-Black with large off-white head. Smells of malt and clove, quite spicy. Taste is bitter and spicy. Very creamy.


Nynäshamns Sotholmen Extra Stout (7%)
Foreign stout-A layer of small choco-brown bubbles, covering a jet black body. Modest aroma of slight ashy dark malts, salty licorice and a coffee-like scent. Taste is more prononced. Clean dark malts. Dry/sweet, rounded and light ashy. A balancing bitterness blend well in. Suggestions of dark dried fruits and tar. More than medium full. Nice creamy texture. Complex malty-roasted-bitter finish.

Nynäshamns Bötet Barley Wine (9.1%)
Barley Wine- Pours a nice copper/dark reddish color with a beige head. Aroma is filled with dark fruits like raisins and figs, some alcohol notes, brown sugar, caramel malts and toffee notes. The flavor has a fairly apparent alcohol flavor with the caramel and toffee, brown sugar, dark fruits like the raisins and figs and butterscotch like notes. The body is medium to full with a dry mouthfeel.

Nynäshamns Tjockhult Tjinook (5.1%)
Lager- The beer poured golden and clear. Its head was large, long lasting and white. Aroma had fruitiness and grass. Palate was medium bodied with medium carbonation. Flavours were hops, grass, fruitiness, grain, malts and bitterness. Aftertaste was bitter and hoppy. A clean tasting beer where flavours weren’t fighting which each other. Also nice hoppiness

Nils Oscar Julöl (7.7%)
Scotch Ale-Dark brown and clear. Has an off-white head, mostly lasting. Sweet aroma, mostly lasting. Notes of old port, some smoke, grain, some sweetness too. Sweet flavor, salt, bitter finish.

Nils Oscar Coffee Stout (6%)
Sweet rich aromas of coffee with a big chocolate punch. The taste is slightly weaker with a taste of cold coffee and coffee beans. Espresso. Great coffee taste with a very soft texture.

Nils Oscar Kalasöl (5.2%)
This beer has its orgin in the Bavarian beer type ’festbier’ or ’oktoberfestbier’. Like ’festbier’ and ’vienna style beer’, Nils Oscar Kalasöl is of a somewhat darker type. The Nils Oscar Kalasöl is produced with both münchenermalt, dark caramelmalt, chocolatmalt and some roasted barley. The choice of hops is a mix of four kinds where the most characteristic are brittish fuggles, american cascade and czech saaz.  Kalasöl is a rounded beer with a mildly roasted breadish character. It can be recommended together with heavy foods, like joints of roast meat, spicy stews, broiled meat and fowl.

Nils Oscar Hop Yard IPA (7.3%) 
Pours clear amber with a small white head. Aroma of nice fruity hops. Taste is moderate sweet malts, grassy hops with a dry end. Smooth mouthfeel. Dry and bitter end.

Närke Slättöl (4.7%)
American Pale Ale- Large citrus and floral hop aroma. Fresh hop aromatic flavor with distinctive bitterness and hints of citrus, grass and fruit. Long and slightly dry hop bitterness.

Närke Tanngnjnost & Tanngrisnir
Hazy, deep amber. Leather and smoked. Juniper berries and blueberries
Goittlsandricka inspired beer made with juniper berries.

Närke Pannknektarnas Porter (6%)
Porter-Pours pitch black with a small foamy head. Roasty aroma has notes of chocolate, ash and coffee. Taste is very roasty with heavy coffee and espresso notes, and hints of chocolate, licorice and ash. Dry and bitter finish with hints of chocolate. Nice, well balanced and roasty coffee porter.

Närke InternationAle (6%)
IPA-Pours slightly hazy reddish brown with a thick white head that slowly dissipates while clinging on to the glass. Smell is malty sweet and fresh with pine, resin and grapefruit. Taste is rather sweet and slightly watery with pine, green chili, orange zest, apricots and resin. Finish is dry and bitter.

Närke Konjaks! Stormaktsporter 2010 — (9.6%)
Imperial stout-Limited (brewed once). Brewed exclusively for Stockholm Beer bar Akkurat’s 15th anniversary. Brewed in March 2010. 112° Plato. Matured on oak casks for 10 months, 5 of them on Cognac casks. Bottled on December 1st 2010. Pre-released from keg at Borefts Beer Festival 2010.

Skebo Sovereign Golden Ale (5.4%)
Amber in colour. Malty and slightly grassy aroma with a hint of dried apricot. Fruity, malty and moderately bitter taste with notes of apricot, peach and biscuity malt.

Also, special shout out to Sheldon Brothers, who are donating their labor costs to get these beers to the Pub.  Because of their generosity, a part of the proceeds from the event on the 21st will be going to help with cancer research in Sweden, because the brewers of Narke lost their son to cancer very recently. Stay tuned to hear how the fundraising progresses.

There’s also a rumor that Boucherie may be getting a couple kegs to do a beer dinner!  That’s not confirmed, however.

What’s going on tonight in the New Orleans beer world?

We posted about the mysterious 40 Arpent Brewing release at the Rusty Nail this morning, and about the ROOTSTOCK fundraiser earlier this week.

You may or may not have seen, but Karlos Knott from Bayou Teche commented on our post about ROOTSTOCK that “We are supposed to be tapping the first kegs of Biere Joi – Mello Dubbel at the Rootstock event Thursday night at the Rock & Bowl.” INTERESTING!

Anything else going on? Anyone planning on attending either of the above-mentioned events?  Let us know!

Bayou Teche Sponsors ROOTSTOCK Dec. 1 at Rock & Bowl

When I go to Rock & Bowl for an event or to hear some music, I am usually pretty disappointed with their beer selection.  That’s why I’m pretty psyched to see that Bayou Teche Brewing is co-sponsoring a fundraiser there to benefit Louisiana Folk Roots THIS Thursday, December 1!

Four hours of music and beer?  For $12?  I’m down with that.  Come out and support Louisiana Folk Roots, and, of course, Bayou Teche in their efforts to bring great beer to the Rock & Bowl!

Hey, has anyone seen BT’s coffee porter, Biere Joie?  According to this article, it was supposed to roll out in November.  I know there are still 3 more days of November, but that’s pushing it pretty far! I’m also looking forward to their Courir de Mardi Gras, allegedly coming out in January.

Maybe I’ll see if I can get some answers out of the brewers on Thursday…