The big news!

So, anyway, NOLA Brewing and Stone are doing a collaboration beer – an Imperial Porter called “Pour Me Something, Mister!” It will, as the name suggests, be debuting during the Mardi Gras parades on Saturday, February 11 at the Avenue Pub.

Malts for "Pour Me Something, Mister!"

The beer will be brewed with a grain bill of: pale chocolate malt, Caramello 55, Halcyon, Midnight White, and Munich II.  It will be hopped with Centennial, Nugget, and US Golding and dryhopped with Citra hops (YUM.) They will also be brewing it with dried satasuma peel and fermenting with Steen’s molasses.  It should weigh in at around 8%.

So, west coast hop profile + Louisiana satsuma and Steen’s = potential for significant awesomeness.

Go to the Avenue Pub  tomorrow (Tuesday, 1/17) from 5-7pm to talk about this exciting collaboration with the brewers from both NOLA and Stone. See you there!


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