Swedish Beer Tasting Schedule Update

From Polly Watts at the Avenue Pub:

Our Swedish event is almost here!

There are a LOT of beers and we have multiple kegs for many of them. After looking hard at the list and realizing how great every beer on it is I decided to tap some of the multiples earlier in the week. that means you can spread out your drinking and taste everything without getting dangerously drunk the day of the BIG tasting. Don’t fret if you are coming in from out of town just for the Saturday event, EVERYTHING WILL BE ON TAP SATURDAY THE 21ST. We are only tapping the beers we have back ups of earlier in the week.

How is the Saturday event going to work?
Much like Zwanze day we will take people on a first come first serve basis. As people arrive and settle in we will take your name. You will be able to order everything on the list when you arrive EXCEPT the Stormskaporter & the Nynashamns Botet barley wine. At 3pm we will tap those two and serve people in the order in which they arrived at the bar. As with Zwanze we have our ways of keeping track of people but buying your first round of beer and letting us know you are here for the event is always a good thing.

How much is it going to cost?
Beers will be priced between $2.75 and $6 for a 6 ounce pour. the Stormskaporter and the Botet Barley wine will be avilable by the tasting ticket only and not for sale separately. The Saturday Tasting ticket will be $25 plus tax and will include your choice of 4 beers. The prices is designed to accommodate the Stormskaporter and the Botet which are the most expensive beers. Akkurat tells me they sell the Stormskaporter for the equivelent of $20 per 6 ounce pour in Sweden…so its a bit cheaper here:)

When can I buy my ticket?
Saturday when you arrive.

Can I buy my ticket at the crack of Dawn Saturday then leave and come back?
Sure, but you probably won’t get the beers you want. People will be taken in the order they arrive at the pub and stay until the tapping. You must be present to buy your ticket, no place holders. Just like Zwanze I’m not going to release the detials of of how we manage this…too many people want to work the system.

Gratuity is NOT included on the tasting ticket. Please don’t forget to tip!

Does this mean I have to stand in a line?
No, a virtual line if you want to look at it that way…but in reality once we know you are in the building to stay you can relax and enjoy the beers while you wait for the main event at 3pm. We are from New Orleans, we like to relax and have a good time.

Swedish Beer Week events at the Pub

Wednesday Jan. 18th – Specialty Swedish Tasting:
Nynäshamn, TjockhultTjinnok (Stockholm chinook) 5.1%
Skebobruk , Skebo Sovereign Golden Ale 5.4%
Oppigårds Amarillo Spring IPA 5.9%
Nils Oscar, Hop Yard IPA 7.3%
Nils Oscar, Kalasöl 5.2%
Narke, Slättöl 4.7%

Friday Jan. 20th – Balcony opens at 5pm. Beers will go online throughout the day.
All of the above plus:
Narke Skvatt GALEn 5%
Nynäshamn, Bedarö Bitter 4.5%
Nynäshamn, Sotholmen extra Stout 7%
Oppigårds Single Hop ale 4.8%
Oppigårds Golden Ale 5.2%

Belgian beers sent for this event will be tapped Friday night:
Cantillon Mamouche
Tilquin Gueuze

Saturday Jan. 21st – Beers will be online by 11am.
All of the above plus:
Narke, Tanngnjost och Tanngrisner (T&T) 7.1%
Narke, The InternationALE 6%
Narke Pannknektarnas Porter 6%
Narke, Slättöl 4.7%
Nynäshamn, MysingenMidvinterbrygd Old Ale 6%
Nils Oscar, Coffee Stout 6%
Nils Oscar, Julöl 2011 7.7%

Tapped at 3pm on Saturday Jan. 21st.
Narke Konjaks!Stormaktsporter 9%
Nynäshamn Botet Barley Wine 2009 9.1%


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