Christmas gifts and New Years plans!

Did you get any good beer-related gifts for the holidays?  I got the Mikkeller single hop series and I got Mr. Beer Bitch two beer books recommended by the BeerBuddha, “The Great American Ale Trail: The Craft Beer Lover’s Guide to the Best Watering Holes in the Nation” by Christian DeBenedetti and “Brewed Awakening: Behind the Beers and Brewers Leading the World’s Craft Brewing Revolution” by Joshua M. Bernstein.

I think we’ll be drinking those over New Year’s weekend.

Speaking of New Year’s, there are a couple beer-related events that I know of, and would love to know about any others y’all know about.

One is the Avenue Pub’s New Years Eve event. They will be tapping two special kegs early in the evening on the balcony: Cantillon Fou Foune, their rare Apricot lambic, and Amager Herr Fredrickson, a Danish Imperial Stout. They will also be opening bottles of Cantillon Mamouche. There will be a special toast at midnight with Brooklyn Local One.

The kitchen will be whipping up some special dishes for the night as well:  Mussels steamed open in champagne with butter, thyme and garlic, served with parmesan butter toast points; grilled scallops over creamy polenta with a classic beurre Blanc drizzled on top; and pork belly braised in Imperial Stout and then seared over open flame, served with orange cream mashed potatoes and an Imperal Stout gravy.

The second event is a beer dinner at Crescent Pie and Sausage.  CP&S is committed to local and craft beer and have held several beer dinners over the last year or so.  Looks like they aren’t being sponsored so they aren’t mentioning the beers by name, but I think that most can be deduced by their descriptions below. $85 inclusive – Call for reservations (504) 482-2426.  To start, a Happy Hour of Bourbon specialty cocktails, followed by:

First Course
Poached La. Seafood Sausage with spicy Chow-Chow and Garlic Aioli
Beer: Filtered Wheat beer soaked in fresh lemon-basil

Second Course
Salad of Pasilla-glazed Bay Scallops w Louisiana Citrus & Local Mizuna
Beer: Fresh Mango IPA

Third Course
Sherried Oyster Wild Mushroom Stew with Bacon Lardons
Beer: local pecan wood Smoked Ale

Fourth Course
Smoked Duck Breast atopSsavory Carrot “Cake” with
Black Pepper Caramel and Orange Zest
Beer: Oak & Bourbon Stout

Bourbon Milk Punch with “Kentucky bourbon distillery” best crop.

What else is going on? Leave a comment!


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