Holiday Weekend and Beer Drinking

On Festivus Friday, Mr. Beer Bitch and I had a nice beer-centric day. We went to lunch at the Rendon Inn and enjoyed delicious NOLA Brewing Hopitoulous Ales with our J’Anita’s sandwiches – I had the Swamp Ruben and Tom had the Best Fish Sammich. Yum.

Back to the Irish Channel to walk over to their weekly Friday NOLA Brewing tour. They had the Brewer’s Crack on cask (Irish Channel Stout mixed with Hopitoulas) which is all I drank, and drank a lot of it.  We saw most of the NOLA gang- Head of Brewing Operations Melanie Knepp led the tour (hooray for the addition of the wireless mike!) and VP Dylan Lintern, as well as staffers Billy and Indy.  Brewmaster Peter Caddo was hustling around behind the scenes, brewing a super secret test batch of something to be revealed in the future. Intriguing!

After drinking several beers, we walked home and prepped our dinner before heading to the Avenue Pub for a couple beers. It was nice to see Eileen and Beth before the holiday weekend.  I tried the Old New Orleans Rum barrel aged Abita Honey Rye, which was an interesting blend of the sweetness of the honey, the spiciness of the rye, and the rum flavors of the barrel aging. I’m not sure it totally worked (for my palate at any rate.)  I think it actually could have done with some more aging to smooth out the harsh edges of the alcohol from the rum barrels. But it was still an interesting brew. I also had a 4 oz of Ommegang’s 2010 vintage of Three Philosophers, which was not quite as full tasting or complex as I’d hoped. Still drank it though. Ended with a 4 oz Brooklyn Companion, which I’d had before and enjoyed again last night.

The Beer Bitch household plans on celebrating Christmas by drinking some beer we’ve been hanging on to for a while. We have some Jolly Pumpkin Oi Baudelaire, Stone Vertical 10-10-10 and 11-11-11, and our last Trader Joe/Unibroue bottle, 2008 vintage. Also a bottle of the Stateside Saison. We’ve also enjoyed a recently reinvented Shmaltz Brewing Genesis Hoppy Session Ale that’s been popping up in Rouses and Breaux Mart- been one of our preferred “everyday” beers as of late.

I hope everyone out there in New Orleans Beer Guide world has a Hoppy Holiday!


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