What are your favorite beers of 2011?

Polly Watts, owner of the Avenue Pub, posted a list of her favorite beers of 2011 that could be acquired in Louisiana, as most “Best of” lists mostly beers we don’t get here.  You can read her list here.

Inspired by Polly, I made my own list!  I put it on my blog, so you can read that here!

What is on your Top 10 Beers of 2011 list?  Hopefully we can get the Beer Buddha to weigh in as well… everyone else, hit the comment section with your thoughts!

Happy Holidays from the NOLA Beer Bitch!

Updated 12/20/11: Got the Buddha’s list on tap!

One response to “What are your favorite beers of 2011?

  1. My top 10 of 2011, in no particular order.

    NOLA Smokey Mary (draft). I am not usually a fan of smoked beers, but for some reason I became addicted to this beer. The smoke is light and the beer is very balanced overall, making for a dangerously drinkable brew.

    NOLA Flambeau Red (draft). A great take on a hoppy red ale. Red ales can sometimes lack character (on the east coast), or be mouth-peelingly bitter (on the west coast). Flambeau plants a flag firmly between these two extremes with enough malt character to balance the generous hoppiness.

    Adnams American Style IPA (cask). One of the standout beers from a recent trip to the UK. At 4.8%, it’s on the high-end for a British Ale, but on the low-end for an American IPA. It sits somewhere in the middle of the atlantic and is none the worse for that.

    King & Barnes Old Porter (bottle). A birthday gift of a bottle-conditioned strong dark ale from a Sussex brewery which has since been sold off and demolished. Complex, yet drinkable. A perfect English porter.

    Mikkeler Drink’in The Sun (draft). The Avenue Pub has been crushing it with rare imports in 2011. One of my favorite was this wonderfully hoppy session ale.

    Sainte Hélène La Grognarde (draft). Another rare import on draft at the Avenue. A French-brewed English-style ale sounds like blasphemy, but tastes delicious. Right in my wheelhouse.

    Brouwerij De Molen SSS Porter (bottle). Based on a 1914 recipe unearthed by cranky British beer blogger Ron Pattinson, this is darker than my soul and twice as delicious.

    Poperings Homel (draft). Belgian IPA. Balancing hops with a characterful Belgian yeast can be tricky, but this beer does the trick.

    Brouwerij Van Eecke Pub Pils (draft). Another super-rare import at the Avenue. A Belgian pilsner with a touch of grass on the palate. Perfect summer drinking.

    Moylans ESB (draft on nitro). Wise brewers know that serving on Nitro can deaden some of the flavors of beer, so they adjust their recipes accordingly. Whatever they did at Moylans to make this stuff so fruity and floral while pouring creamy smooth on Nitro, it works.

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