Katie’s on Iberville (Mid-City)

Sitting at the bar eating lunch today, I realized that Katie’s can be classified as a good beer restaurant.  Out of 6 taps, there was only one macro-brew (Blue Moon.) There were three Abitas- Amber, SOS, and Restoration. They also had Brooklyn Lager and Magic Hat #9.

Good work, Katie’s bar manager/team!

Also, their food is terrific. I love their crabcakes and the cochon de lait poboy I had today was to die for.  Mr. Beer Bitch had their kalamata muffuletta today which was also quite tasty.  We’ve enjoyed their fried catfish, etoufee, and other specials.  Good place to get a bite to eat (they also have pizza and pasta in addition to more New Orleans-y food) and a beer – also with super friendly staff.

I was really pleased to see the draft list fall within the parameters that the Beer Buddha and I had decided on for good beer restaurants. Thinking back, I remember also seeing Abita Jockamo and LA 31 rotating on tap there as well. Looks like they have a commitment to serving Louisiana and craft beer.

–NOLA Beer Bitch


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