Exciting Beer is Here!

Well, tonight’s the night of many options.  Previously discussed here in detail, I also wanted to add that if you’re on the North Shore and can’t come in for the NOLA Brewing Irish Channel Stout Release, the Avenue Pub’s Anchor Christmas Ale vertical tasting, or Stein’s Holiday/Winter Ale tasting, you can still attend the Barley Oak’s Abita Specialty Night!  (UPDATE: The Barley Oak event is NEXT WEDNESDAY, 12/14.)

From the Barley Oak:  “Take a break from the holiday hustle & bustle and come out to enjoy some specialties from Abita that we’ve hung on to just for you! Abita Reps on hand to give out cool Abita Schwag! See ya then!!”

Featuring on Draft:
* Barleywine
* Bourbon Barrel Aged 25th Anniversary Vanilla Doubledog
* Honey Rye
* Amber
* Andygator
* Purple Haze
* Amarillo Hopped Restoration
* Oyster Stout

Also, some more info on the NOLA Irish Channel Stout unveiling from Kirk Coc himself:  “Come to the Irish House on St. Charles for Celtic music, our new Stout and the wonderful blend of Stout and Hopitoulas IPAD known affectionately as Brewer’s Crack (hey, I didn’t pick the name.)”  Apparently there will also be a cask ale there as well, so you KNOW the Beer Bitch is gonna be there in full force.

Come out and break up the week with some local brews, wherever you may be, and however your tastes may run.


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