What’s a Beer Geek To Do?

Holy smokes, this Wednesday (12/7) is CHOCK FULL of awesome beer-vents, but as there are only so many hours in the day, I kinda wish they’d been staggered out through the week!  Check it out:

Here are some suggestions on how to hit all these events:

  1. (5:30-6:45) Hit the Irish House right after work, try some stout, talk with Kirk, Dylan, Melanie, Peter, and the gang.  Maybe try to eat something.
  2. (6:45-8:15) Walk up the street to The Avenue Pub, order some food if you haven’t already done so at the Irish House, go upstairs to the Balcony, and enjoy Anchor’s Christmas ales from 2008 and 2009 on draft and try out this year’s version.
  3. (8:15-10:00) Get yourself over to Stein’s, settle in to drink and discuss some holiday beers.  There will be some food available, so you’ll be covered there.

OR, you can take a chance that the Anchors will still be around Thursday or Friday and skip step 2, giving you a bit more wiggle room to enjoy the ICS release party.

OR, you can wait to try ICS at the Pub/Balcony on cask on Friday (12/9).

Lordy. Is there anything else happening on any other days this week?  Or, gods forbid, anything else happening on Wednesday the 9th?


2 responses to “What’s a Beer Geek To Do?

  1. Sounds like my dream date! Only problem is I won’t be in nola this week. And I don’t have a date.

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