News about The Avenue Pub’s Wednesday Beer Tastings

You may have attended one of the Avenue Pub beer tastings on the Balcony in the past or you may just have heard the legends. The Avenue has just started a new format for the tasting process to make it more open and accessible. For a small fee (dependent upon the beers being tasted, contact the Avenue Pub to get specific information), they will print up the tasting notes and back ground information and pour the beers from 7pm until 10pm while supplies last.

You can still chat about the beer at 7:30 if you wish but you don’t have to be on time to enjoy the beers.

For Wednesday, November 30:

Allagash/ De la Senne collaboration Very Special Belge
Jolly Pumpkin la Parcela (pumpkin ale)
Jolly Pumpkin’s first pumpkin beer! Limited release
De Molen Cease & Desist Imperial Stout
A rich, terrific Imperial stout out of the Netherlands. The original name of the beer was Rasputin, but De Molen was sued by Northcoast and so the beer was renamed Cease & Desist. Sometimes seen as Disputin. Flavor was dark roast, ash, chocolate, coffee, and spicy notes. Body was full with medium carbonation.
Alvinne Melchoir Oak aged and brewed with mustard seeds
11 % Belgian Pale ale very small batch
Part of Alvinne’s Oak Collection and aged 6 months in Calvados barrels that contained Calvados for 10 years and Cognac for 8 years.

For Wednesday, December 7th:

Anchor Christmas Vertical Tasting
2011, 2009, 2008
Polly has been cellaring these kegs for a few years for the annual tasting. These aged kegs are a treat each year and they don’t last long!


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