NOLA Brewing’s Irish Channel Stout Release

The only production brewery in Orleans Parish, NOLA Brewing, will be releasing their popular and delicious Irish Channel Stout NEXT WEEK.

Here’s the scoop:  It will be at the Irish House on Wednesday, December 7, from 6-9pm.  The Irish House is located at 1432 St. Charles Avenue.

I am hoping that the Irish House will start carrying more craft beers on draft now that they are partnering with NOLA Brewing!  Currently, they have a permanent NOLA Brewing beer and a rotating craft tap.  The rest are American and Irish macrobrews, although they do have a pretty decent bottle list.  Also, excellent food, which goes a long way.

It’s a beautiful space- Matt Murphy did a great job remodeling it – so I’m very much looking forward to the release!

(edited to correct the date typo)


4 responses to “NOLA Brewing’s Irish Channel Stout Release

  1. It will actually be the 7th of December (Thursday) at 6pm at the Irish House. Hope to see you there!

  2. Whoops, 7th of December (Wednesday) at 6pm at Irish House. I really need to learn to use my calendar!

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