Bayou Teche Sponsors ROOTSTOCK Dec. 1 at Rock & Bowl

When I go to Rock & Bowl for an event or to hear some music, I am usually pretty disappointed with their beer selection.  That’s why I’m pretty psyched to see that Bayou Teche Brewing is co-sponsoring a fundraiser there to benefit Louisiana Folk Roots THIS Thursday, December 1!

Four hours of music and beer?  For $12?  I’m down with that.  Come out and support Louisiana Folk Roots, and, of course, Bayou Teche in their efforts to bring great beer to the Rock & Bowl!

Hey, has anyone seen BT’s coffee porter, Biere Joie?  According to this article, it was supposed to roll out in November.  I know there are still 3 more days of November, but that’s pushing it pretty far! I’m also looking forward to their Courir de Mardi Gras, allegedly coming out in January.

Maybe I’ll see if I can get some answers out of the brewers on Thursday…


2 responses to “Bayou Teche Sponsors ROOTSTOCK Dec. 1 at Rock & Bowl

  1. We are supposed to be tapping the first kegs of Biere Joi – Mello Dubbel at the Rootstock event Thursday night at the Rock & Bowl.

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